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Jixpcb is the subsidiary company of 5 Ji Xiang Technology Co.,Ltd .Jixpcb specializes in Printed Circuit Boards and PCB assembly.

We are a small Chinese PCB supplier who can handle from 1 to 8 layer prototype and small volume production boards. We have the capability to manufacture traditional FR4 boards as well as FPC or aluminium.
We have a good price advantage for standard 1 and 2 layer boards, HAL-LF, green solder resist, white silk screen, 1.6mm, 1oz copper PCBs.
We can handle prototype PCB assemble in-house at very cost effective rates.
For a free no obligation quotation, please email your Gerber files to me.

All the printed circuit boards from us have passed ISO 9001.
The printed circuit boards used for auto industry from us have passed ISO 16949.

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