Question: Why are only gas cookers, range hoods and ovens displayed?
Becasue only these three have gotten the export lincense. Others are still being applied for.

Question: Why does your company that is a kitchen appliances manufacturer sell LED lamps?
Becasue we have gotten the permission from the LED lamps manufacturer to export them.

Question: How do I keep my stainless steel freestanding gas cooker looking great?
We recommend using hot soapy water (using washing-up detergent) and finishing with a microfibre cloth. To keep the stainless steel looking good, you can also treat the surface, from time to time with a stainless steel cleaner, which will lubricate and polish the surface. Read the directions and test in an inconspicuous spot first. Always be sure to polish with the grain of the stainless steel for best results.

Question: How do I keep my gas cooker's cast iron trivets looking great?
The cast iron trivets must always be hand washed using a neutral detergent (i.e. washing up liquid). Lemon juice, chlorine or bleach should not be used. Consequently, avoid washing them in the dishwasher as the harsh dishwasher detergents could affect the finish. To remove stubborn dried-on dirt, use a brass bristle bbq brush and then rinse clean. Always be sure to allow the trivets to dry thoroughly

Question: What can I use to clean my gas cooker hotplates?
The cleaning of sealed hotplates should be done when they are cold. Wipe the hotplates with a little domestic non-scratch cleaning cream following the circular grooved pattern on the hotplate. Afterwards, wipe over with a damp clean cloth, making sure that allthe cleaner has been removed. Then dry by switching on for a few minutes. Apply a thin coat of cooking oil from time to time to provide a protective coating.

Question: How do I set the clock on my gas cooker?
Switch off at the mains and leave for at least 30mins to allow memory to clear. Then follow the set up procedure outlined in the user instructions.

Question: Where can I obtain the cable to install my electric oven?
Safety legislation dictates that our electric ovens must be installed by a qualified electrician who should supply the correct size cable and carry out the necessary safety tests and for this reason the product is supplied without cable.