Analysis of Gas Cooker Panel Burst
1. Iron fire cover on gas cooker rusts over time and rust blocks the fire cover vent, which causes the fire fail to burn out.
Solution: Regularly clean the cover. Do not clean the panel only and remove the dross and rust inside the distributor.

2. The hole size on cabinet table is larger than that on gas cooker, which causes the situation that the stress position is not the metal shell, but the glass panel. The long-term suspension force is easy to make the panel burst.
Solution: It is necessary that the machine size should be decided earlier than hole size on cabinet table. The former one determines the later one.

3. Users put hot objects on the panel directly, such as the pan and kettle iust burned.
Solution: Notice the users to avoid putting high-temperature objects on glass panel.

4. The cooker fitting, gas pipe or other parts leak. Then the
combustion gas raises the temperature of cooker parts, which causes the burst.
Solution: Regularly check the gas valve and gas interface. Regularly replace the
porv for liquid gas. The pipe used for installing should be a corrugated pipe with steel wire.

5. The placement of the distributor, also widely known as fire cover, doesn't match the bottom, which causes the long time flareback of the distrubutor or flame out of the gap. It
will not only cause the panel burst, but also easily makes the distributor deform.
Solution: The fire cover must be put back as the same after cleaning. Do not leave gaps between cover and base.