Analysis of Range Hood Motor Breakdown
Motor stops running with buzzing sound is usually blamed on low capacity capacitor or short circuit, which causes the start failure of motor. To confirm whether the capacitor works properly, you should check its appearence. If there are some scorch marks on it,
it suggests the capacitor is broken. Switch to a new one will help solve the problem. But
low capacity capacitor is hardly seen directly from the appearence, the only way to judge whether the capacitor capacity is too low is that replacing it with a new same type one directly.
Generally speaking, range hood motor power is not too great burn itself. If it is confirmed that the capacitor works well, the most likely cause is that the motor rotor is covered with grease for the long-term use of range hood. It will make motor run abnormally, which heats the motor to burn itself.
Stir motor blades, and lubrication is not good if it moves slowly. You should add more grease on motor rotor and stir the blades until motor rotor revolves smoothly. But if the blades move quickly, it means that lubrication is not the cause. The only cause is the motor breakdown for its eight-year use period. It gives out heat and feels hot by hand touch after a short time run. Usually it has a turn-to-turn short circuit among coils. In this situation, the range hood motor is totally broken.