Comparison of Different Kinds of Gas Hob Knob Materials
Comparison of Different Kinds of Gas Hob Knob Materials

The gas hob knob is the accessory that we use frequently and it has a direct impact on the efficiency of gas hob. Then, what's kind of gas hob knob material is popular in the market? There areainly metal and non-metal in current market. The metal is mainly zinc alloy and the non-metal includes ABS engineering plastics, bakelite and other materials, Some others are fixed with metal and non-metal.
Next is the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of knobs.

1. Zinc alloy: Zinc alloy is the most high-end knob material at present, which
has the advantages of long service life, high temperature resistance, non stick oil and others. It mainly includes zinc aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and etc.

2. ABS material:
ABS is one kind of common plastic material with heat resistance, toughness and good heat dissipation. Generally it is transparent with bright silver plating. If the gas hob purchased is poor quality, the surface coating may drop off after a long time.

Bakelite material: This knob has a low price with good insulation, high temperature resistant and rigid material. But the drawback is that it is easy to stick oil so that it's more difficult to clean up. And after a long time it is easy to damage and twist off and the service life is shorter than above two.

Obviously, zinc alloy is the best knob material with good practicality. ABS material is cheap that could be considered for temporary use. Bakelite can be said as the cheapest material. Currently it is not used any more even for the cheapest gas hob because it is easy to twist off after heating.