Dont Let the Oil Become Stubborn Stains: Range Hood and Gas Hob Maintenance Methods
There will inevitably be some loss during the long-term use of kitchen appliances. So the problem that how to maintain them becomes users' concerns. Kitchen is also the room that has the most electricals in it in the house. Therefore keeping a good kitchen appliances maintenance is also a key to a healthy diet.

range hood and gashob maintenance

Avoid taking range hood apart to clean

The range hood needs regular clean because of the oil accumulation during the long-term use. But the work that taking it apart during the cleaning process should be avoided. As the vibration of this kind of appliances is fierce, it may affect the absorption of smoke and enhance the noise if it isn't properly installed after taking apart.
Besides the regular cleaning of oil box, it's best to clean the filter once a month generally and wipe the oil dirts on the surface with
warm water and detergent.

Stubborn stains clean and regular check for
gas hob

The long-term cooking easily leaves soup stains on the surface of
gas hob, which needs regular clean. And as it directly links to the natural gas, regularly checking the tightness is also essential.
1. It is easy to condense oil dirts on the tile. It will be
more convenient for long-term clean if coat tile surface with a layer of candles or evenly pave a layer of plastic wrap on surface.
2. Use a sponge dips t
wo tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with 200ml warm water to clean the surface of stainless steel. And use soda with warm water can effectively resolve the oil dirts and stubborn stains on the surface.
3. Before cleaning the fire frame and air outlet hole of gas hob, remove them and put them into hot water to heat. Do not dry and install them until oil dirts separate from fire frame. And it is better to clean the outlet hole with
a toothpick once a week.