Kitchen Appliances Maintenance in Spring
It's spring now as the weather gradually gets warmer. Kitchen appliances are faced with the heat exchange after a whole winter. Therefore kitchen appliances maintenance should be paid attention to especially water heater for the increase of bathing frequency.

kitchen appliances maintenance

Gas water heater maintenance
The gas pipeline should be checked regularly whether there is aging, cracking, damage etc. Once found, it must be timely handled. Then clean the strainer of cold water entrance. If the strainer is blocked, the water heater will not work properly.
Always watch the flame, If it is found
abnormalities, such as yellow flame and black smoke, it should immediately stop using and notify the maintenance men to deal with. Entrust qualified to examine the heat exchanger and burner whether there is carbon deposition and blockage once half a year and timely clean them. Regularly check for leaks.

Electric water heater scale cleaning
water heater works well, replace the temperature controller and heater every three years. When the shower water output reduces, timely clean up the blockage and do not replace the water heater parts by yourselves.
The inner tank should be washed once during the turn of season. Firstly
cut off the power supply and close the inlet valve. Then open the outlet vavle and counterclockwise reverse the plastic drainage ear on safety valve for 90 degrees in order to drain the water and sediment inside the water heater.

range hood maintenance
Range hood 
maintenance is the most difficult work for its oil stains and hard cleaning. But if you don't clean range hood for a long time, it will cause motor burn, oil leak, jitter and huge friction noise during smoking, circuit board short, out of control or more hidden dangers.
As long as exhaust pipe dredges the
range hood should be washed as little as possible. It requires a professional if it needs washing. Do not wipe the switch with a damp cloth and lotion. It will burn out the motor if the flow speed switch gets wet.