Range Hood Switch: Touch Screen KO Button
The choice of range hood switch has become a problem that is inevitable at the time when people are selecting items. Currently there are three kinds of switchs: touch screen, key switch and mechanical button. And which one is the best and what are the differences among them? Next is the details.

touch screen

Touch screen is the best kind of range hood switch at present. Take mobile phones for example, switchs of old mobile phones are buttons while nearly all of them are touch screen now. It could be said the best user experience one among consumers, which is the most appropriate for housewives who are usually cooking.

key switch

Key switch belongs to one kind of buttons. And it is also a good one at present. In the aspect of operation evaluation, it is between touch screen and mechanical button. When using, it is like piano key that it is on when you press a button once while it is shut down automatically when you press next one.

mechanical button

Mechanical button is also one kind of buttons. Relatively speaking, it is a troubling and common lind in life. In aspect of operation evaluation, it is a little more complicated than key switch that it is on when you press a button once and it is shut down only when you press the same one again. But if you are accustomed to it, it will not be too much trouble.