Skipping Breakfast Very Likely Makes People Fat
Recently the Daily Mail posted a survey that suggestes those who are used to skipping breakfast have a big chance to gain about 26 pounds each year. Nearly 2000 adults received this investigation. Among those breakfast skipper, 45% of them feel hungry in the morning, 30% are not passionate about their work and 14% feel tired and fidgety.
a nice breakfast
The reason is that breakfast has influence on the choice of other food during the rest of day. Thus, breakfast skipper alaways prefers high-calorie food, such as soda, chocolate and roast meat, which brings extra calories than regular breakfast eater. Day after day, the calories accumulated transform to 26 pounds fats in one year without any physical activity.
Thus it can be seen, a healthy breakfast helps people have a day full of energy. Imagine that steam an egg in oven and cook beef with green vegetable on gas cooker, while a cup of milk is being heated on gas hob, the satisfaction and eagerness for the hot breakfast is inexplicable.