Some Tips about Energy Saving of Electric Water Heater
Lots of young people are used to take a shower in the evening in order to ease the pressure of work. If you use electric water heater, you'd better reasonably use it according to the family using frequency to reduce monthly electricity bill.

How to save energy of electric water heater

1. Adjust
thermostat degree to about 65. At this time the electricity saving effect is best.

2. T
ry to avoid the peak time of electricity using and lower the thermostat in the summer.

3. It is best to use shower becasue it saves more water and electricity than bath, which can reduce two thirds of the cost.

4. To those families that seldom use hot water, it is suggested to open hot water heating one hour before taking a shower and turn it off after. It can make electricity consumption at the least state which is also the electricity saving state in order to save electricity to the maximum extent.

5. To those who use
water heater every day but just take a shower and use a small amount of hot water, it is also suggested to open hot water heating one hour before taking a shower. If taking a shower at the fixed time every day, it is better to buy computer controling products because of their timer function.

6. For the frequent using situation, it is suggested to maintain the
electric water heater at the open state. It can adjust the water temperature according to the usage frequency and the use amount of hot water. When using small quantity,  the temperature could be lowered, while it could be a bit higher when using a large amount of water.

The temperature setting should be reasonable and open and stop time should be determined according to actual needs. If you need to use hot water every day and water heater insulation effect is good, then you should keep it energized and in the insulating state. It not only makes using hot water convenient, but also achieves the purpose of electricity saving.