Some Tips about Led Lamps Maintenance on Range Hood
Some Tips about Led Lamps Maintenance on Range Hood

In the long-term use,the led lamps on range hood will inevitably be occupiedwith dusts and other dirts, which requires cleaning and maintenance work. If it doesn't work well, it will be easy to shorten the service life of led lamps.

1. When cleaning and maintaining, it prefers to wipe with dry cloth rather than wash. If the lamps are touched with water by accident, it requirese to dry completely. But do not wipe with wet cloth immediately after turning on the lamps because the bulbs with high temperature are easy to burst when touching water.

2. Lampshades can be washed.

Washing led lamps with vinegar is a good way. Pour a beer bottle cap of vinegar into a half pot of water. After mixing well, soak the cloth into the vinegar water. Then the cloth that has been wrung out can be used to wipe the dusts on lamps. As vinegar has the efficacies of cleaning and prevention of static electricity, the led lamps wiped with vinegar are not only bright but also dust free.

4. When cleaning the bulbs, it is better to turn off the lamps and avoid rotating bulbs clockwise in order to avoid peeling of the cap as it is screwed too tightly.