Ten small coup to help cool down your home
1, ventilation
To clean the room, furnished room as much as possible to make clean, crisp, reducing chores piling up, but also help the flow of interior space. In addition, should pay attention to indoor ventilation period. As the summer daytime outdoor temperature is higher, if the indoor doors and windows open, outside the sun and heat will direct "attack" the room, the indoor temperature is rising rapidly. Therefore, try to open the doors and windows in the morning and evening on the occasion of cool ventilation.
2, put on simple shapes, cool colors, furniture
Room furniture is also a factor of. Fabric, leather and other furniture in the summer will make people feel hot. To get more cool home, you may wish to replace the modeling simple, cool colors, wrought iron, rattan and glass furniture. Not only in the visual, tactile feel cool, it can also absorb some of the heat indoors, auxiliary cooling.

3. Select mat
Mat spread on the bed is a traditional cooling method, optional mat, pillow mat material grass, flax, bamboo fiber. Summer easy sweating, bedroom bedding try to select those natural, breathable, environmentally friendly textiles, such as cotton, linen, bamboo fiber, modal and other materials, with strong moisture absorption, feel soft and comfortable, long-term use can keep cool.
4, western exposure window stickers thermal paper
In general, the higher western exposure room of the house in the afternoon, one can say that hot summer already, if the time from the afternoon Xishai open air, a summer accumulated electricity, but quite amazing! There are now an insulation paper, can block the ultraviolet and heat radiation, attached to the window surface western exposure windows, can reduce the indoor temperature ranging from 2-3 degrees, after installation, is estimated to save 20% of the air-conditioning bills.

5, install insulation curtain
Insulation curtain can effectively block heat, adjust the light, qualified families can install more layer of insulating curtains in the windows, pull the curtains in the summer can block external heat into the room. Curtains can effectively reject heat, white curtains or blinds that can block sunlight in 40-50% of the heat; thick curtains or bamboo, although it will affect the eye, was able to block 60-80% of calories. Most importantly, installed after the curtains dim room feel will be lower than the actual temperature.
6, light and color create cool
Make homes look refreshing and cool, it can be arranged in white tone. White will not only increase the sense of space, but also to create a tranquil atmosphere lively, emotionally stable people. In addition, add a little more consciously cool, but also make people feel carefree visually. Purchase some of the cool summer shades ornaments furnishings, it is the most cost effective trick, such as another white lamp shade in the bathroom to put a blue ice bath appliances.
7, to avoid the use of a variety of electrical appliances at the same time
Many appliances can emit heat, such as refrigerators, electric light. If you still use the air conditioning, it is best not to put large appliances next to the air conditioner, such as a television, computer or something. Because the heat emanating from these appliances will cause the air conditioner long run. These appliances are the key to your house becomes hot. So the industry have suggested, unless you really need them, otherwise, or turn off the bar.
8, to replace the low-wattage energy-saving lamps cold
If indoor lighting is too bright, especially some families choose a warm light, make people feel hotter interior and irritability, in ensuring the necessary prerequisite reading brightness, the use of local lighting table lamps and floor lamps with a low wattage Designed replace warm light, soft lighting can bring cool feeling for the summer, but also power.
9, placing green plants at home
Focus on green plants and indoor moisture problems are very important. Cultivate plants indoors not only fun to watch, but also to regulate indoor air, at the same time, the role of pacification green state of mind. Scorching summer at home more put some plants have a cooling effect. Or family living in the attic with a balcony, terrace inhabitants, try "vertical greening" the climbing plants planted along the walls, balconies, bay windows, roofs, scaffolding, etc., to improve the living environment sultry.
10, the indoor use of fans and evaporative cooling water
Such as indoor wet mop wipe after open ceiling fan so that the ground water evaporation endothermic; put a pot of water in the corner; also available in the front fan pot of cold water, turn on a fan to cool the water to evaporate, so can play effect of lowering the room temperature. This method should pay attention to indoor air circulation.