Vezsin Electric Oven---the Kitchen Craft
Vezsin electric oven is professional in steaming with the combination of four technologies, which not only gives you health, but also lets you enjoy delicious food.

8 functional modes
Vezsin Electric Oven
Let the
steam can not only be nutritious but also play many tricks.

the wavy touch control type
Vezsin Electric Oven
8 cooking touch keys line wavily for cook of natural taste.

23.5L large
Vezsin Electric Oven
Large capacity and cooking without limit.

3D heating plate
Vezsin Electric Oven
optimization design and stainless steel material make the steam quickly fill the entire boiler and food heated evenly in order to avoid unnecessary loss of nutrition.

intelligent water level
Vezsin Electric Oven
Intelligent water measurement technology helps to automatically meansure the water in steam boiler. Humanized design for notice of water shortage to ensure safety for cooking. All above makes kitchen life more at ease.