Tips of range hood power saving
Range Hood household kitchen appliances we often use for stir-fry and other fumes large cooking mode, range hood to clean the kitchen played a very good effect. Always open hood If cooking will cause the costs of electricity problems. So how to use it to power? EVERISE small series to help you summarize the top five tips.
1, open strong winds start
Many people think, range hoods can power small windshield. In fact, the hood the most power at startup, open a small windshield, because of the operation is slow, so more power to start up the relative contributions, while the wind shift due to the operating speed, start up and also power. Therefore, it is best to start when you start and then transfer a small wind shift.
2, do not often washable
Cleaning method shall not be treated, it may cause an increase in power consumption when in use. Washable hoods frequently lead to part deformation, thereby increasing the resistance, increased power consumption. In fact, soot is generally not into the motor, it is recommended to clean the surface of it.
3, do not wipe clean the
Some people clean hoods, are used to clean the oil on the blades dip, but this may cause deformation of the blades, increasing the resistance to electric charges. Therefore, when cleaning, spray the cleaner on the blade, so that the blades rotating drying.
4, using a small light on the hoods
Some people used to cook the kitchen lights on, but in fact the use of low-power lighting hoods on it, it will not only be able to take full advantage of the range hood function, but also power.
5. Do not use deodorant
In addition, there will hoods when for the wind equipment, range hoods used to the smell dissipated. In fact, the smaller the range of ventilation hoods, ventilation effect is slow, so it is more cost electricity.